White Sands and Red Sands (Orbs Short Stories)

The thrilling short stories set in the Orbs universe.

Jeff and his little brother, David, are alone. Their parents have disappeared along with the rest of the world, replaced by glowing blue orbs and a terrifying army of aliens. But the boys are survivors. Living in the tunnels beneath the White Sands military base, escaping from hungry aliens, and searching for supplies, they hatch a plan. The boys will fight back, and before they’re through the white sands will run red with blood.

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2 Responses to White Sands and Red Sands (Orbs Short Stories)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Review for White SandsThis book is a prequel to the ORBS series. Jeff and David are two children discovered at the White Sands facility by Sophie and her team when they travel there from the Cheyenne Mountain Biosphere in Book 1 of this series. This short story provides the readers an opportunity to understand why Jeff and David happened to be in the facility – a top secret one owned and run by NTC; in other words, a place children should not be.The story opens on Jeff’s…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Orbs series is such a great series and I was delighted to see that there were a few extra short stories as well. In White Sands, we see brothers Jeff and David, along with their stepmom, heading to see their dad, Michael. From there we see what happens them from the moment the Orbs appear. In Red Sands, we see more of the boys and also get a look at Dr. Hoffman and his escape ship.Both of the short stories were very much needed, in order to answer some unanswered questions from…