White Rose, Black Forest

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2 Responses to White Rose, Black Forest

  1. Murf61 says:

    Gripping and unusual WW2 novel Set in southern Germany during WW2, this is the story of Franka, recently returned to her home town of Freiburg after serving a prison sentence for anti-Nazi activities. She is out walking in the dense forest surrounding her family’s holiday cabin when she finds a badly injured Luftwaffe pilot. She saves his life and brings him back to the snowed-in cabin, but while he is unconscious, she hears him say some words in English. Now the two have to learn to trust each other while he is recovering…

  2. Pamela Scott says:

    A fantastic historical thriller White Rose, Black Forest is a historical thriller. It’s bit different from books I’ve read before.I was hooked on this book from the opening moments, when the main character Franka Gerber is plunged into a dilemma which changes the course of her life forever. I knew I was going to enjoy the book based on this cracking opening.I like the way the plot develops in this book, turning up the heat from the opening scene, pulling you along as Franka takes action that could have…