White Fang: By Jack London – Illustrated

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2 Responses to White Fang: By Jack London – Illustrated

  1. The Seldom Seen Kid says:

    The path to Sainthood For those wishing to develop their Christian faith and to deepen their understanding of what it is meant to be truly Christ-like (a lofty and challenging aspiration in this 21st century) then this little book of Thomas A Kempis (1380 – 1471) may be for you. But be warned! This is not for the feeble or fickle or novice Catholic/Christian. Its ‘simplicity’ will strip you of many preconceived (prideful) notions that you are leading a good life and that you are a good Christian (I suspect…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    This book was like a second bible to me when I was younger I agree with the publisher’s blurb that this is the best translation from the original Latin – at least that I personally have come across.Credit must be given not only to Ronald Knox, but also Michael Oakley. Knox was a long term devotee of The Imitation, so began to work on the translation with his engaging, passionate, poetic, very readable style, as befits the spiritual tone set by Thomas a-Kempis. However serious illness overtook, and it was his wish for classical scholar…