Virtual Walks – Thailand Beaches for Indoor Walking, Treadmill and Cycling Workouts

CARDIO WORKOUTS ON THE BEACHES OF THAILAND… Cardio fitness is the best way to lose weight and become and stay fit. Our Virtual Walks DVDs make your cardio workouts fun, easy and divers. So step on your treadmill or elliptical machine and enjoy yourself. THREE SUNNY VIRTUAL WALKS… This virtual walks DVD creates an instant summer feeling. Enjoy three warm and tropical walks or runs. WALK 1 – 23:07 MINUTES Enjoy Klong Muang beach on a sunny late afternoon. The rocky beach, the long tail boats, an occasional jogger and one of the most magical sunsets give you that perfect comfortable feeling after a sunny day. WALK 2 – 20:22 MINUTES Go for a run on the endless beach of Krabi on a bright sunny day and enjoy the amazing views over the clear blue water. The beautiful mangrove and the limestone scenery make it a unique experience. WALK 3 – 19:57 MINUTES Enjoy the dramatic scenery of Phuket in stormy weather. The black sky, the thunder and the waving palm trees give you a whole new look on the long beaches of this beautiful island. Imagine yourself standing on the beach with a spectacular view over the turquoise Andaman Sea and end your walk with an amazing sunset on Ao Nang Beach. OCEAN WAVES SOUNDS… All walks are complemented by the sounds of nature, recorded on location. Dream away with soothing ocean waves sounds. QUALITY… All tracks are recorded with the highest quality gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience. All tracks repeat automatically for an endless cardio workout.

Product Features

  • Ideal for use with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stair Steppers and Exercise Bikes.
  • Five different ‘journeys’ to choose from, through different Australian landscapes.
  • All tracks accompanied by the sounds of nature recorded on location.
  • Tracks repeat automatically – play one continuously or use the Play All function.
  • Recorded using high definition video cameras and professional audio equipment.

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3 Responses to Virtual Walks – Thailand Beaches for Indoor Walking, Treadmill and Cycling Workouts

  1. Daisy says:

    6 Stars! … Must Have Walking DVD 6 Stars! – The views!! … are absolutely breathtaking! In Walk 1 you are totally alone with nature, walking along a coastal dirt track, admiring the stunning views to the deep blue ocean and nearby islands/coastline, with nothing but the sounds of the wind, the waves and some seagulls. It is very different from other walking videos in the series, in that you are not walking on a flat surface, but gently up and down small rolling hills at slow pace. Nice change! In Walk 2 you continue…

  2. northcountry2 says:

    Stunning views! This is a BEAUTIFUL walk DVD. All 3 of the walks are quite different and each has their own merit, but my absolute FAVORITE is Walk 1. The scenery is gorgeous and you really feel like you’re walking there along the path! But the BEST part of it (for me anyway) is the solitude of the walk. No distractions – just you and the beautiful scenery – just the way I like and need it! The second track is great also with the beautiful colors of red rocks, ocean view and green vegetation, Corsica has…

  3. Joanne says:

    Wonderful This is a great DVD for me! The beautiful rocky coastline and colourful vegetation make the craggy hillsides look like fascinating giant rockeries. It is so invigorating and my exercise sessions seem to fly by.The sounds of the seabirds and waves lapping on the shore increase my enjoyment; and there is a lovely blue sky with white clouds above me with the glorious deep blue sea below. Moving through this picturesque town’s quayside with luxurious yachts large and small, it…