The Losers

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2 Responses to The Losers

  1. Trevor Willsmer says:

    “That was my hit him in the face nod, not my throw him off the damn building nod!” In a more just universe, The Losers would have done the kind of business the disappointingly shoddy Expendables did and kickstarted a series, but in this one it pretty much came and went unnoticed in the US and was a complete box-office disaster just about everywhere else. Which is a shame, because it’s a terrific comicbook action movie that manages to be stylish without being incomprehensible and delivers satisfying action scenes even if it’s not in the business of offering surprises. The…

  2. J. Morris says:

    A harmless, happy-go-lucky action movie So, the eponymous ‘Losers’ are a unit of disavowed, left-for-dead soldiers, betrayed by their government in an effort to cover up their morally dubious actions in Bolivia. They swear to wreak havoc on the man that betrayed them, an agent known only as “Max” and they will have their revenge, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.Jeffery Dean Morgan () plays ‘Clay’, the Loser’s squad leader with great…