TECAROO Universal Bungee Cords with hooks, 12 pieces, extra strong, multi-coloured, assorted lengths for outdoor activities, camping or fastening luggage and backpacks | 2 Year Satisfaction Guarantee | military army bungee cord, heavy duty bungee rope, elasticated bungee straps with hook clips

✯✯ Top quality bungee cords with hooks to safely secure goods or for DIY and outdoor use ✯&#10031
The top quality materials used make these bungee ties a safe and heavy duty tie for camping or fastening, being strong enough for heavy forces. Thanks to the pack containing 4 different lengths you will always have the right size at hand. The cords are easily connectable and can be combined together to make extra lengths. The fabric coating makes them easy to handle and protects your palms against any cuts. They are a must-have for travelling, DIY and in the garage or car. Measurements include: 2 cm x 95 cm (blue), 2 cm x 65 cm (yellow), 4 cm x 50 cm (green), 4 cm x 30 cm (red), diameter each: 8 mm.

We are providing a satisfaction guarantee of 2 years
(Wright Direct grants a voluntary, EU-wide guarantee of 2 years, beginning with receipt of the product after purchase. The guarantee includes the right to exchange or have the price reimbursed. Please contact our Customer Service Team for further details. Existing legal rights are not restricted by this guarantee in any way.)

✯✯ tecaroo – Your car is your companion! ✯&#10031
tecaroo is a well-known and trusted German brand and expert in household and automotive accessories and products. For over 10 years we have been inspiring customers not only with high quality products but also with our innovative ideas and friendly customer services.

Product Features

  • ✯✯ PREMIUM QUALITY ✯✯ The elasticated bungee ropes from tecaroo are top quality. They made from premium quality nylon with a fabric coating the cords have a diameter of 8 mm making them extra strong and durable.

  • ✯✯ STURDY & RELIABLE ✯✯ The military style bungee cords are particularly durable and tear-proof making them the ideal solution for transporting, packing and securing items.

  • ✯✯ 4 VARIOUS LENGTHS ✯✯ The heavy-duty bungee ties come in a pack of 4 each with a different length. The bungee straps can be connected together by their hooks to make a larger cord.

  • ✯✯ FABRIC COATED ✯✯ tecaroo´s elastic shock cords are coated with fabric making them standout and lifelong.

  • ✯✯ tecaroo – your car is your companion ✯✯ Trust in the high-quality car accessories from tecaroo to properly care for and protect your car. This way you will be able to enjoy it with great driving pleasure for a long time to come.

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4 Pack Heavy Duty Locking Luggage Straps for Suitcases by Kurtzy – Adjustable Suitcase Belts Set with Strong Plastic Combination Locks – Travel Bag Wrap with Lock & Built-in Name & Address Tag

4 Piece Set of Strong Locking Luggage Straps for Suitcases by Kurtzy
These luggage straps are perfect for securing your baggage during your holiday. Simply set the combination, adjust the straps to the right size, then easily and quickly clip them onto your suitcase and you are ready to travel in style. Each strap is adjustable to fit most suitcases and each strap features a name and address tag for easy identification.

What’s Included:
– 4 x brightly coloured luggage straps with 3 digit combination locks and built-in name and address tags
– Illustrated Instructions of how to re-set the combination of each clip lock will be emailed to you

-Strap length 106cm – 188cm / 42 inch – 74 inches. Strap width = 5.5cm / 2.2 inch. Since they can be easily and quickly adjusted the straps will suitcases with sizes ranging from from 46cm – 85cm / 18 inch – 33 inchches.

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The straps are adjustable so they can be made very short or very long and will fit most suitcases or carry-on bags. Strap length 106cm – 188cm / 42 inch – 74 inches. Strap width 5.5cm / 2.2 inch. Since they can be easily & quickly adjusted the straps will suitcases with sizes ranging from from 46cm – 85cm / 18 inch – 33 inchches. Unlike elastic extender straps which can stretch and be pulled off of luggage, our straps can adjust smaller for a tight & secure fit on your bags.
  • STRONG AND SECURE MATERIALS: Baggage belt set with quick connect combination lock buckle. Our high quality luggage strap set is made from tough nylon webbing & durable plastic clips which feature a secure combination lock. They will not break or snap during transport & will keep your belongings safe. The straps also all feature built in name & address tags so they can be personalized as Mr & Mrs, his & hers or one for each member of the family or for each one of your bags if travelling solo.
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Our prime luggage straps come with detailed instructions of how to quickly and easily re-set the 3 digit combination of each strap to a personal combination that you will remember. Because our straps use combination locks instead of key locks, you don’t have to worry about losing the keys & not being able to open you case. As well as suitcases, the straps are also ideal for securing buggies, car seats & hard case sport, golf, scuba or camera equipment during the flight.
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that this 4 x pc secure, light weight luggage strap set set will be your favourite travel accessory, that we offering a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on each kit sold.
  • SET INCLUDES: Secure 4 x lockable luggage straps made from extra strong nylon webbing in assorted colours – blue, green, red & black. This set makes a great gift for businessman or travellers. The bright colours are easy to identify & are guaranteed to stand out on the luggage conveyor belt. Each strap has a sturdy plastic clip lock & features a state of the art 3 digit combination lock which can be easily reset to a code of your choice. This set gives you the ultimate luxury of ease & security.

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