Body2Body Womens Cycling & Dancing Ladies Cycle Cotton Shorts in Assorted Colors (S/M (UK 8-12), Navy Blue)

New Womens Cycling and Dancing Shorts Ladies Cycle Shorts Lycra Leggings Made From Material 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane. Soft and Stretchy Fabric. Available in Assorted Color and Sizes. S/M (UK 8-12), Length 18.5 Inches M/L (UK 12-16), Length 19 Inches L/XL (UK 16-20), Length 19 Inches XXL (UK 20-22), Length 19 Inches Length from Waist to Bottom Approx: – 19″ Inches. Inseam Length: – Approx 7-8″ Inches

Product Features

  • Soft Stretch Material.
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Made In UK.
  • Made with stretch quality leggings with elasticated band

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CYCLING SHORTS ACTIVE CASUAL DANCING SHORTS LYCRA LEGGINGS SHORTS Celebrity Style Stretchable Material Fitting Short 95% Cotton & 5% Elastane Hand Wash (Read the Care Label)

Product Features

  • Cycle Short , Printed Cycle Short , Short , Activewear , Plain Cycle Short , Plain

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Virtual Cycle Rides – Through the Forest – For Indoor Cycling, Treadmill and Running Workouts

FOR HEALTH CARE: Our Virtual Cycle DVDs make it possible to discover the world without traveling. They stimulate the mind and create a fun, relaxing ambiance.

GREAT MOTIVATION TO KEEP MOVING: exercising is important for your health, sometimes even life-saving. Make it a fun experience.

FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: scientific research proves that images of nature reduce anxiety and stress.

IMMERSE IN NATURE: explore magical places.

CLEAR YOUR MIND: let all your worries and tension just fade away. The sounds of nature are truly relaxing.

What our customers say:
Frederick Whiteside: “I bought this video because I have COPD and needed something to motivate me to get off my butt and walk. The video allows me to keep up an pause to catch my breath.”

Three bike rides through the amazing landscapes of National Park De Hoge Veluwe in The Netherlands.

Cycle ride 1: Relaxing 20:27
Enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride through a dense green forest and be amazed by the wide variety of trees and plants.

Cycle ride 2: Fall colours 19:28
Push your limits with this fast pace cycle ride through an amazing colorful forest in fall season. You end your ride in a surreal dry grassland with a beautiful wide view.

Cycle ride 3: Sunny day 21:23
A bike ride on a sunny day with a clear blue sky. Enjoy the long forest lanes and the bright colourful leafs. At the end you pass by a fresh green meadow field and an authentic farmhouse.

Sounds of nature recorded on location

High Quality HD Workout Video and Automatic Loop
This DVD is recorded with a gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience. All tracks can be looped and so tailored to an exercise duration that suits you.


Product Features

  • Ideal for use with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stair Steppers and Exercise Bikes.
  • Five different journeys for Alzeimer’s therapy treatment.
  • Many video play options like Continuous play functions ideal for waiting rooms.
  • Filmed using high definition cameras and professional audio equipment.
  • A unique virtual cycling or running experience.

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