StrawGrace Handmade Glass Straws with Coloured Tips – Clear Bent 9 in x 10 mm – 5 Pack With Cleaning Brush – Premium Glass – Healthy, Reusable, Eco Friendly, BPA Free, Very Sturdy – Milkshake and Smoothie Straws

Are you looking for a healthier way to drink all kinds of hot and cold liquids? Do you want to drink with more style and class? Do you wish to keep our planet green? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then StrawGrace Glass Drinking Straws are right for you!

Enjoy these benefits using our straws:

• Healthy – Compared to the toxic BPA material found in plastic straws.
• Eco-friendly – Stop non-biodegradable plastics from entering the environment.
• High Quality – You will feel the difference of quality every time your lips touch your straw.
• Easy to clean – Just rinse after use. If food gets stuck in one of them – use the included full-length brush.
• Very Sturdy – Made from the most durable borosilicate glass available on the market.
• Safe for kids
• Lead free glass material

What to expect?
You will receive a beautifully designed package of 5 elegantly handcrafted glass straws and a cleaning brush. They are not difficult to clean – the brush is included in case something gets stuck in the straw. The box makes a wonderful gift, too!

What are they good for?
They are just the right tool for hot and cold drinks. With a 10 mm diameter, these straws are perfect for juices, milkshakes, smoothies, coffee, teas and even water bottles and jars.

Straw size:

Length: ~ 9 inch = ~ 22.9 cm
Length lower part to bend: ~ 7.5 inch = ~ 19 cm
Length upper part to bend: ~ 2 inch = ~ 5 cm
Outside diameter: 10 mm
Inside diameter: 7 mm
Wall thickness: 1,5 mm
Bend angle: 20° – 26°

Quality assurance:
StrawGrace straws are handmade in China. Our colleagues in China work carefully on every straw and conduct personal quality assurance.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If you are not 100% happy with your straws, send them back for a full refund!

Product Features

  • BUY THE ORIGINAL FROM THE LEADING AND EXCELLENT UK SELLER – Reliable and fast customer service guaranteed. NO Cheap offers without UK VAT from Chinese sellers. Real, honest customer reviews.
  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH – Plastic straws contain the dangerous chemical BPA. It can potentially cause severe diseases including: hormonal disorders, obesity, premature puberty, and even cancer. These glass drinking straws are made of pure non-toxic glass which is 100% safe, whether drinking hot or cold drinks. Ideal for cocktails, smoothie, milk shake and more! Even dentists recommend glass straws to prevent tooth discoloration and as a help with sensitive teeth.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – Every day millions of plastic straws are thrown away! A person changing to our glass drinking straws can save up to 38,000 straws and thus reduce the environmental pollution! HANDMADE QUALITY – Each StrawGrace glass straw is handmade in our manufacturing facility. After production, our colleagues examine each individual straw and then packed it carefully.
  • HIGH-STABILITY GLASS – Made of 23 cm highly stable borosilicate glass. These thick straws consist of the same material that is used industrially in laboratories around the world. It is very fragile and made of the same material as the almost indestructible “Pyrex” plates and bowls. However, it is possible to break them when excessive force is applied, or a fall from a high altitude or onto a hard ground.
  • EASY CLEANING – Simply rinse the reusable cocktail straws after use or place them in the dishwasher. Two full-length cleaning brushes are included in the package for a clogging of a straw. ORDER NOW and get a 1-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Tags: 8 12 12mm 14mm blown bottles bowl cup cups dispenser eco handblown holder inch insulated jars jumbo kids large lid lids life long mm oz pack plastic pyrex set shatterproof short small stainless steel tall thin travel tube tumbler wide wine

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Winsor & Newton 5295015 Wooden Brush Set, 7x1x4.3 cm, multi coloured

The Winsor & Newton Foundation™ range provides an introductory selection of good quality brushes for students, hobbyists and beginners.

These watercolour brushes are available in a choice of packs, which contain various sized brushes, in round, flat or filbert shapes.

Round brushes provide excellent control and are good for lines and detail work. Filberts are idea for broad strokes with a soft edge. Flat brushes are excellent for bold, sweeping strokes and the edge can also be used for line work. The range also includes a 30mm spalter brush which is good for washes and soft blending of larger areas and a mop for adding or removing large areas of water or colour.

All Foundation™ watercolour brushes are made from golden synthetic filament, which is ideal for working in watercolour.

Contents Include:
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Round Short Handled (Size 2)
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Round Short Handled (Size 3)
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Round Short Handled (Size 5)
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Flat Short Handled (Size 3)
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Flat Short Handled (Size 5)
1 x Winsor & Newton Foundation™ Flat Short Handled (Size 6)


Product Features

  • Brand quality from Winsor & Newton.
  • Brush sets for watercolour, acrylic, and oil paints.
  • We have 27 brush sets available with long and short handles.

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