Signature Senator watch band. Replacement watch strap. Watch belt. Genuine leather. Steel buckle (Blue, 18 mm – short)

Tuscan calf leather with embossed effect of alligator skin and stitching matching in colour. The elegant style of the strap makes it not just popular but the bestselling model of all times. Calf leather with embossed effect of the precious alligator skin remains the ageless classic. Signature Watch Company was founded in 1910 in Liverpool. We are proud of our production and give your the best conditions of purchase. We provide free delivery of watch straps. We provide a lifetime warranty for all Signature straps. If the strap has a defect, you can easily exchange it for a new one free of charge. Simply send us pictures of the defective product by e-mail and we will immediately send you a new strap. Steel buckle is installed. All straps have a narrowing of 2 mm to buckle. For example, if you order 20mm wide strap, it will be 18mm at the buckle.

Product Features

  • Premium class leather replacement watch band with convenient stainless steel buckle and spring bars.
  • Watch belt is made of high-quality processed by hand genuine calf skin that dries out fast, repels sweat and other moisture.
  • Fits many different watch types, gives refreshed luxurious look to any watch. Due to the adjustable length ensures soft and secure attachment to the wrist.
  • Durable, provided with lifetime warranty. Just send us a picture of a defective item by e-mail and get the new strap for free.
  • Regular length 120 & 80 mm; short 105 & 70 mm; Extra-long 120 & 90 mm (leather parts length without a buckle)

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