Premium Guitar / Instrument Cable (Red, 20ft / 6m, Straight to Right Angle Plugs) – Achieve a Cleaner Signal via a Heavy Duty Pro 1/4″ Jack to Jack Noiseless Mono Lead – Coloured Link Lead to Amplifier / Amp + Free Cable Tie

5 reasons why you need these guitar leads…

While gigging regularly, we’ve used/tripped over many guitar leads (and drunken drummers). So we’ve learnt a few things about guitar cables, and what you really need from them. Here’s 5 reasons why you need these No Bull Music Gear guitar leads in your setup:

  • They keep your sound intact This high grade oxygen-free copper guitar cable won’t eat away at your tone, noiseless guitar cable means that (unlike cheaper cables) you won’t get that awful ‘rattling’ sound degrading your sound everytime you move around. Gold plated tips aid conductivity to keep your signal strong.
  • You’ll never have to dispose of a guitar leadLifetime warranty on every cable? No problem. If it stops working, you’re covered. Your No Bull Guitar Lead is a friend for life. Think how much money you’ll save…
  • You can’t rip the cable from the plug when someone stands on your guitar leadIt can happen when you play live. Singer stands on your guitar lead while you’re moving around, your cheap cable rips away from the plug, then no-one can hear you. No Bull cables are automatically gripped by the internal mechanism of jack plug, meaning they won’t rip away. Other cables which use ‘spring cable relief (basically a spring stuck out of the plug) tend to lose the spring quickly, then the lead is very easy to rip away from the plug.
  • You can choose your perfect guitar cable Available in various lengths (6m/20ft is recommended for live use, the shorter lengths are more suited to studio/bedroom use), various colours to help you differentiate guitar leads for

    Product Features

    • KEEPS YOUR SIGNAL CLEAN: Shielded Noiseless (not just Low Noise) oxygen-free Copper cable and high grade Gold-Tipped Male Jack connector plugs ensures you don’t sacrifice any tone or quality from your guitar signal – unlike cheap, unshielded cables.
    • VERSATILE ACROSS YOUR RIG: The gold tip jack plugs can be utilised across any instrument with a 1/4″ jack socket – guitar, bass, semi acoustic, electro acoustic, keyboards, electric Ukulele, Mandolin, electric violins, effects pedals, foot switch
    • WON’T LET YOU DOWN: Aside from the LIFETIME WARRANTY, this Professional cable is securely locked inside the 6.35mm Jack plug – so the lead can’t be ripped away from the plug by unruly bass players or stage crashers!
    • EASILY IDENTIFIABLE CABLES: Available in Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black to help differentiate your cables within your own setup – or from everyone elses.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Never need to buy another cable again. No Bull Music Gear have you covered – if your cable fails due to manufacturing defects – it will just be replaced!

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    3 Responses to Premium Guitar / Instrument Cable (Red, 20ft / 6m, Straight to Right Angle Plugs) – Achieve a Cleaner Signal via a Heavy Duty Pro 1/4″ Jack to Jack Noiseless Mono Lead – Coloured Link Lead to Amplifier / Amp + Free Cable Tie

    1. Anonymous says:

      Very sturdy looking cable Super bright colour Mine is red but I may well order more in other colours in future Very helpful seller sent a courtesy email before delivery assuring of best service which was much appreciated! The guitar cables are also very well priced and I think the different colours would look very cool for use by groups too as you could designate a colour for each band member and save any muddles on stage when changing over your instruments for instance! Really nice cable, lots…

    2. Anonymous says:

      I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I used the right angle cables to connect up my Studiologic Sledge synth as it has the sockets on the left side and the 90 deg plugs work out better when the keyboard is on a second tier stand. Yellow also goes nicely with the sledge keyboard. Unfortunately the plugs won’t quite push all the way in if the cables are hanging downwards, not really a problem with the cables but more the keyboard that has the sockets slightly recessed from the side of the…

    3. Anonymous says:

      This guitar lead is just want I needed to use on my HIFI system,! yes I am using this as speaker cable which works very well indeed with some modification. My friend is a lead guitarist in a band and I saw his cable which looked great. thus I began to wonder what if? I have a old Yamaha av amp sitting in my attic which I blew the dust of and attached to my PC via its optical digital output and I am using this as my speaker cable. It looks great on my rig and sounds surprisingly good too. I know…