Power cable Sonos Play 1 white 8 inch/20 cm UK plug – High Quality cable – Sonos play 1 cable 20 centimeters – Two years warranty

This power cable of 20cm is suitable for your Sonos Play 1 white. This power cable ensures that your Sonos Play 1 speaker can be placed for the socket to hold on without much excess cable. Even if your Sonos Play 1 white is hanging on the wall, you can determine the distance to the wall socket with the power cord and have the socket completely disappear behind the Sonos Play:1 speaker. This Power cable Sonos Play 1 white 20 cm fits perfectly with your Sonos Play 1 speaker.

Product Features

  • YOUR SONOS PLAY 1 DESERVES THE BEST – Every SONOS PLAY 1 needs a Vebos power cable to experience the best in any room in your home
  • SONOS PLAY 1 – Suitable for: SONOS PLAY 1, Power cable 8 inch
  • VEBOS – Extra short power cable for your SONOS Play: 1
  • EASY TO MOUNT – mount this power cable quick and easy

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