New Replacement Sweep ( Non Ticking Quiet) Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Motor With 55mm Coloured Hands – DIY – Fittings – (Short- 13mm Total Spindle Length) (55mm Silver Hands)

Short Shaft sweep clock movement with coloured hands. Dimensions: 70mm high (with hanger) x 55mm wide x 16mm deep (excluding shaft) Centre hole needed in dial 8mm to 10mm. The short shaft is suitable for dials up to 4mm with a total shaft length of 13mm Requires one AA battery (not supplied)

Product Features

  • Short Shaft (13mm) Quartz Sweep (Non Ticking Quiet) Clock Movement And Coloured Hands
  • Suitable for clock dials from 1mm – 4mm in depth
  • Measurements for the movement are 55mm x 70mm x 17mm.
  • Total Shaft Length of 13mm ( Gold Thread Length 6mm)
  • Choice of Over 11 Different Coloured Hands

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