Mens Plain Summer Shorts Pure Cotton Cargo Combat Style (XX-Large, Navy)

Product Features

  • cotton polyester mix Lightweight, Ideal For Summer
  • Elasticated Waist
  • Zip Fly, Belt Loop
  • Cargo Pockets
  • Rear Pocket

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3 Responses to Mens Plain Summer Shorts Pure Cotton Cargo Combat Style (XX-Large, Navy)

  1. mitchsol says:

    Absolute rubbish.

  2. Strychnos says:

    Too tight for me Thin material that reaches about half-way down my thighs. I went for x-large for my 36 inch waist which was a good decision. However, the design of the shorts is such that there is still not much space in them. I have ‘athletic’ legs (whatever that means) but there is not too much space left for them in the legs of the shorts. These are not for persons with fat legs. I wouldn’t want to try walking with things stuffed in the pockets but are fine for around the house. Pocket linings are synthetic…

  3. bassui says:

    Nice design but some sloppy stitching Quite like the look of these shorts, but a not-particularly-close examination reveals that they must be some kind of reject (or at least, the pair I got was). There are various quite amusing mistakes, e.g. button hole has been sewed slightly too small for the button; lines of stitching which suddenly end in the middle of nowhere rather than at the end of the seam, lots of loose hanging threads… Either these are mistakes, or the factory producing these shorts is fairly unconcerned about…