Let It Bleed [VINYL]

Supplied in a pack of two pairs, these Pringle Henry Button Fly Fitted Boxer Shorts are Lycra-enhanced stretch jersey construction. Both pairs benefit from a longer 7cm inseam leg length and are strongly-made, with flat overlocked seams to support and prevent uncomfortable shifting.These stretch fit Pringle boxers are 95% cotton rich with a functional two-button fly fastening and are topped by woven, stripe detail elasticated waistbands with Pringle logos. The distinctive Pringle rampant lion is embroidered at the leg hem.(04/15) 

Product Features

  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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2 Responses to Let It Bleed [VINYL]

  1. nikkitta says:

    Brilliant Having been formed from the ashes of The Manhattan Love Suicides i was expecting something more raucous/noisy from this group, but although they’re singing from the same hymn-sheet as their predecessors they’re definitely a more restained/quieter incarnation.They still basically inhabit C86 territory, but with enough twists to keep them interesting, and will be liked by lovers of Talulah Gosh/The Motorcycle Boy/The Flatmates etc. They include a lot of keyboards amongst the obligatory…

  2. Scorpio69 says:

    Great fit