Kooga Murrayfield Shorts – White, X-Large

Key Features Cotton – A fibre that is most often spun into yarn or thread that is used to make a soft breathable textile to keep the wearer cool and comfortable perfect for making athletic polo and t-shirts.

Product Features

  • Classic Hardcore
  • Built to last
  • various colours

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3 Responses to Kooga Murrayfield Shorts – White, X-Large

  1. Mondo says:

    Really good quality They are a lot bigger than size 38 shorts I bought 2 years ago, although that could be as a result of laundring rather than different sizes out of the factory.I’ve about 5 pairs of the old shorts, wear them to the gym a lot because I tend to split anything weaker when I’m doing leg exercises.36 inch waist fits me too, so if 36 fit you, but you’d like some wiggle room for exercises like squats, you could have a pair of 38’s for those days.The old pairs are still in great shape,…

  2. Chris Brown says:

    Great Shorts

  3. Emma Hedges says:

    the quality is still as good as the originals and the fit is the same