Joma 933.100 Shorts – White/White, X-Large


    Polyamide – Extremely lightweight and strong fabric, the fibres that are used to make polyamide are smooth and non-absorbent, meaning that garments made from this fabric dry up easily and quickly. It is also dirt resistant and is not affected by chemicals making this an ideal fabric for garments for training purposes.
    Elastane – Elastane has significant strength and elasticity meaning that even after extensive use from stretching and quick drying, it can return to its original shape better than ordinary fabrics such as rubber.

Additional Features

  • Retains Heat Inside To Stay Warm, Perfect For Wearing As An Undergarment
  • Joma Logo Displayed On Right Leg

    Product Features

    • Shorts white, in size xl
    • Ref. 933.100
    • Men’s – sportswear

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