GadgetsPRO Micro USB Cable for all Android devices, White, Short 20 cm (2-pack)

GadgetsPRO Micro USB Cable for all Android devices – Short 20 cm

This Micro USB cable features high speed charging and syncing performance in a ultra-portable short length. To charge or sync your Android devices, simply connect them to your computer or wall charger with this cable. The short length is specifically designed for portable external battery and organization.

1) Micro USB Technology– The cable is powered by a Micro USB connector to charge and or sync your Android devices.

2) Ultra-fast Charging– The improved version of this Micro USB cable charges as fast as your original cable that came with the new device.

3) Durable Construction– The cable is made out of high quality material with smooth texture. Solid construction allows it to last a long time.

4) Travel-friendly– The cable has a Portable length of only 20 cm and weights less than one ounce.


– Suitable for all Android devices with a Micro USB connector. e.g. Samsung Galaxy series, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, and Google Nexus.

Buy with Confidence

– 30-day Money-back & Replacement Guarantee

– 90-day Limited Warranty

– Lifetime Product Support

Developed and manufactured by GadgetsPRO Technology, LLC. Unauthorized selling of replication is against the law.

Product Features

  • Short length Micro USB cables measure 20 cm compatitable with all Android devices e.g.
  • Low-cost Replacement for Micro USB cables
  • 100% compatible, no warning or error messages guarantee
  • Simple design, user-friendly, and comes with 30-day money back and replacement guarantee. Plus free extended 90-day Limited Warranty

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  1. Alan Taylor says:

    Excellent Quality