Echoes of Family

Sometimes the only way through darkness is to return to where it began.Marianne Stokes fled En….

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3 Responses to Echoes of Family

  1. Carolyn Ring says:

    A MUST-READ! Echoes of Family by Barbara Claypole White follows Marianne Stokes, who suffers from bipolar disorder, as she struggles to reconcile her past and deal with her disease. She had been stable for years and doing well, running a recording studio and a charity for homeless girls, until she was in a car accident that resulted in the loss of the other driver’s unborn child dragged up unhappy memories of a decades old crash that did the same thing to her. Marianne blames herself for both accidents, and…

  2. Kathleen M. Basi says:

    Breathless, hopeful portrayal of bipolar disorder Marianne Stokes had her first psychotic episode as a teenager, after a car accident that claimed the two lives and left two others scarred, including herself. In ECHOES OF FAMILY, Barbara Claypole White tells the story of a woman with bipolar disorder determined to face down the demons that have haunted her for decades.The characters are crystal-clear and unforgettable, from Marianne’s tattooed, rough-edged and utterly devoted husband, Darius, to the young woman she all but…

  3. BookLiterati says:

    An emotional read This book is a difficult read at times as it deals with the topic of mental illness. Marianne left England at the age of seventeen after an episode of manic depression and a suicide attempt. Thirty years on she is living in North Carolina with her husband Darius and daughter Jade where she owns a successful recording studio. After a car accident, where a mother looses her unborn child, Marianne’s depression begins to spiral out of control, and she decides that she needs to return to England…