Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils Kids Choice Colors

Largest collection of Crayola colored pencils in one pack.

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2 Responses to Crayola 64 Ct Short Colored Pencils Kids Choice Colors

  1. PiP🍅✏️🥝 says:

    They may be short… …but they still deliver on quality, in my experience.64 different coloured, ‘short-length’, ready-to-use pencils, each measuring around 8.5 cm.Because of their size they may not appeal to all but I was determined to extend my CRAYOLA collection by the 14 extra colours over and above those in my treasured , namely:* AMETHYST* AUROMETALSAURUS (A shade of…

  2. Jackie Maxwell says:

    Fantastic colours Pros: Couldn’t resist a full set of colours, even if they are only short. Excited by the metallics and bright colours, as well as different proper purples! (I wish more/smaller sets included purple, instead of three browns…). The built in sharpener is pretty handy, good to be able to use these pencils as soon as you get them, and the storage is functional too.Cons: wish I’d bought them sooner before I splashed out on single f-c purples to compliment my 24 set of crayolas…