Beach Shorts

This collection of 7 short stories are set around the beach where I reside. They contain humor, compassion, ocean mammals, beach animals, tourists, and sunny days. You will spend time on the coast, so be sure and apply a nice layer of sunscreen….and set back and enjoy: ‘Ocean Therapy’ – ‘NATs & TOTs’ – ‘Risky Gamble’ – ‘Sandy Returns to Sandbridge’ – ‘Gone Fishin’…’ – ‘Sheila & Sammy’ and ‘The Unwelcome Nasty Arrival’. Thank you and keep smilin’… PS. Some stories are true while some are not…I’ll leave it to you to decide…it’s more fun that way. *Author Janelle Taylor, 9-time NY Times Best Seller, comments on ‘Beach Shorts’. Lee, just finished BEACH SHORTS last night. I so enjoyed learning so many different things about Sandbridge Beach, along with its locals and tourists. The stories flowed like its waves, teaching something different and unique with each one. OCEAN THERAPY was very moving due to the characters. NATS & TOTS was funny and brought back many personal memories of trips to the beach at various ages. I laughed, smiled, and got a little teary-eyed on that one. RISKY GAMBLE was vivid and suspenseful with a heart-warming climax. I’ve fished for striped bass and cleaned plenty during January when my (delicate) hands were freezing, but never caught one that large. The descriptions of the fishing trip, ground swell/rogue wave, near death experience were awesome, so authentic, so suspenseful. SANDY’s return was a delightful story, one we wish could truly happen. GONE FISHIN’ was sheer honor over greed, and I really liked Dave and Sylvia. Loved SHEILA & SAMMY’s tale, so enlightening, humorous, and sentimental. You really brought them and their existence to life. NASTY ARRIVAL was good and it was “gross” as my grandson would say. Surely you witnessed something like this event to be able to capture it so vividly. So glad you released this wonderful and varied collection.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After reading Lee’s other short stories, all of which touched me in a way other short stories haven’t, and believe me I’ve read quite a few over the years.Beach shorts has a wonderful mixture of humour/humor mixed with thought-provoking situations. Loved the term NATs and TOTs, I’d never heard of anything like that before. I used to live in a holiday town in the UK and every year we would get invaded by GROCKLES so I could totally relate to this story! LOLI’d love to…