Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow

Plush comfort, melodies, and discovery toys make the Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow baby’s perfect companion. This soothing prop pillow from Baby Einstein supports little ones when lying on their tummy so they can explore the world around them. The electronic crab toy plays classic melodies and fun sounds to entertain baby while lounging. A baby-safe sun mirror, crinkle leaves, teether, and multiple textured fabrics engage baby in fun play and discovery time. Sure to catch baby’s eye, the bright pillow colors and imagery bring stylish appeal to the nursery. Includes non-replaceable batteries. Dimensions: 17″w x 7″d x 7″h

Product Features

  • Crab toy features short classical melodies and fun sounds
  • Real-life imagery and language discovery
  • Baby-safe sun mirror
  • Leaf-shaped teether
  • Crinkle leaves encourage tactile stimulation
  • Crab rattle toy

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2 Responses to Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow

  1. Sam Tyler says:

    Good Reef Everybody wants their baby to be a genius and what better intelligentsia to replicate than Einstein himself.  I am not really convinced that he used the ‘Rythm Reef Pillow’ or invented it, but if he had he may have come up with a few relatively rules earlier.  The reef pillow is designed to encourage tummy time and to a small baby is somewhat of an Everest of a pillow. It is a sturdy little fellow adorned with bright colours and multiple words for sea animals in different languages  – if your…

  2. Mummy of Two says:

    Bright, Colourful and Comfy This is a lovely bright and very colourful prop pillow or tummy time pillow. From Baby Einstein’s Rhythm of the Reef range this features the same sea theme as their other toys in the range and a theme that I absolutely love. The packaging advises that this can be used from 3 months old which probably isn’t possible as a prop pillow or tummy time pillow (depending on how fast your baby advances of course) but it can certainly be used just as a toy for baby to play with at this stage and I love…