All in One Girls Under Shorts – UndieShorts – White – 6

UndieShortsTM combine girls’ underwear and shorts into one privacy protection undergarment for little girls; no more layering garments for privacy! UndieShortsTM, are ideal for wearing under Dresses, Skirts, School Uniforms, Dance and Sleepwear. The shorts are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, having a no tag stretchable waistband for maximum privacy and comfort. What sets UndieShorts apart is the patent pending attached inner panty-liner made of 100% Cotton which eliminates the need of having to wear multiple undergarments; UndieShorts are a great addition to any little girls wardrobe! UndieShorts designed to be the best solution for parents and their daughters; ensuring a sanitary solution that is designed to remain comfortable. Careful consideration has been placed in the garment styles to ensure that your child has the best and most comfortable design; eliminating the discomfort feeling of similarly designed protective undergarments. Note for Sizing: If your child wears an odd size or you prefer a looser fit we recommend sizing up to the next size. We also suggest ordering the same size that you would select in pants to ensure best fit. For Sizing Information, view the Size Chart under Product Details shipping rates & policies or the Size info link next to the Size selection. If your size is not available, please try visiting Amazon dot com and search for undieshorts to have your items imported from the U.S.

Product Features

  • Attached 100% Cotton Panty Lining Inside; No more layering garments for privacy!
  • No Tag stretchable waistband
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex for maximum privacy and comfort

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3 Responses to All in One Girls Under Shorts – UndieShorts – White – 6

  1. Mrs. S. E. Hargreaves says:

    Perfect fully covered elastic shorts for underneath summer school & play dresses Purchased for my 3 1/2 year old daughter to wear under her summer school dress. The dress is a white and lavender pin stripe and unlined so she needs to wear pale underwear so it is invisible. The shorts are an excellent find as I like the fack they provide good coverage and that they are almost 100% cotton plus an added fully cotton gusset. Size wise I would say these are moderately small. My 3 1/2 year old is slim with a very small waist and the 4 year pair fit her just right now. I do…

  2. J. SUTHERLAND says:

    We’ll buy them again.

  3. Mh says: